Social Media Management

Kurt Turner is an Internet Marketing strategist located in Mississippi.

Kurt has helped numerous companies obtain page one search rankings as well as successfully promote businesses via social media outlets.

If you have a business and you’re NOT capturing leads and customers through the Internet, this could be the most important information you can read right now.

  • It doesn’t matter if your business is a local brick and mortar
  • It doesn’t even matter if you sell products and services online

Why do you need Social Media Management? Well, did you know that the new “word-of-mouth” is online social media properties like Facebook, Yelp!, and Twitter? Combined, these three web properties (we like to call them Influence Engines) have 800 million members, and they’re gaining members literally every second. Hire us to become your social media manager and we turn those members into fans of your company and engage them so they recommend products and services to their friends and followers.

If you don’t know how to take advantage of online social media outlets or simply don’t have the time and resources, many of your prospects and customers will not find you, they will not hear about you, and they will not buy from you.

You literally cannot AFFORD to ignore what’s going on any longer.

Did you know that nearly ALL consumers (97% of them) now use the Internet when researching products or services here in Mississippi?
(BIA/Kelsey and ComStat)

So, let’s ask a few questions about your business…

  • Is your company products and or services easy to find on the Internet?
  • Are you actively engaging in all the online places (Influence Engines) where your target customers spend an enormous amount of time? In other words, can they connect with you on their turf?
  • No? Why not!?

Online Marketing isn’t an option anymore, it’s a requirement.

Your potential customer are searching on Google, Yelp! Facebook, YouTube, and other forms of influence engines you probably haven’t heard of. They’re searching for businesses they can trust to buy from and help with their challenges. Meanwhile, you’re busy running your business and your competitors are getting marketing help to leverage these influence engines and engage your customers. We have a strategic system that positions your company as a reliable source of information; this in turn creates trust which leads to new customers.

Here’s some samples of our social media management services, of course we don’t tell you the secret sauce.

Let us put together a social media management package that’s tailored to your company needs. We’re locally owned and operated in Madison Mississippi and look forward to helping you attract new customers. Contact us here or via email at